Jasmy Secure PC uses blockchain technology to collect PC log data and store the data on the chain that cannot be tampered with. If something goes wrong, you can check this log to see what happened. Jasmy calls this the “dashcam feature”.

Jasmy Secure PC is not only responsible for recording the operation of the PC, but also responsible for uploading it correctly to the server and securing the authenticity of the data uploaded to the server with the blockchain. Even in environments where remote work cannot see each other, employees can demonstrate their work and managers can take control of employee behavior. Jasmy’s goal is to create a mechanism that provides peace of mind and safety for both parties.

The second is to protect data through “ghost drives”. A business drive is a data area that is automatically created when the Jasmy Secure PC Agent is installed on a PC. Data is encrypted on the blockchain and Jasmy Secure PC proxy controls access. Set conditions such as “Allow access only when connecting to a specific network name (SSID) registered in advance” and “Specify the date and time to allow access”. If the conditions are not met, even the owner of the PC cannot see the corresponding data area. If the data resides in this drive, the application can run in the local environment of . If you connect to a network that is not pre-registered, such as an unspecified public wireless PWLAN, the proxy controls this data area, making it inaccessible, reducing the risk of information leakage, if controlled by access hours, outside of business hours Access can be considered fraudulent and denied.

The third is that the manager can send operating instructions to the employee’s PC. They can remotely perform operations such as “lock screen”, “open/close USB storage connection”, “allow the use of ghost drivers”, etc. Device management and information leakage solutions are critical to remote work, and Jasmy Secure PC provides these capabilities by simply installing an agent on existing PCs. The advantage of Jasmy Secure PC is that it is easy to operate and does not require installing special driver software or changing PC settings.